The tools I teach you are developed through the guidelines from these associations: American Diabetic Association, American Diabetes Association, NIH National Institute of Health, AMA American Medical Association, American Association of Drugless Practitioners, American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board, United States Food & Drug Administration, American Integrative Medicine, American Herbalist Guild, American Holistic Health Association, Association for Integrative Health Care Practitioners, Coalition for Natural Health, National Association of Nutritional Professionals, National Center for Homeopathy, National Health Federation, National Nutritional Foods Association,& Vegetarian Resource Group
Healthier Bodies,
minds, and spirits.
* Healthy hearts
* Gastro intestinal health

Healthier Bodies,
minds, and spirits.
Weight Management
Living Healthy & Well
*Weight loss *Nutrition
Healthy Suggestions for:
*Diabetes I & II
*Disease Prevention
The programs and products I
suggest are well researched by over 150 world -renowned scientists and researchers from Stanford, University of California , Harvard & more
Maximize your health
through Nutrition
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Nutrition First
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Holistic Care Nutrition First
Welcome Friends, Family and Guests,
I am a Holistic Nutritionist,
And Educate people with their Nutrition and
Wellness goals. I believe in Living Healthy & Green.
I hope you will join me on this healthy journey.

I believe the body is unique and beautiful.
We are Bio Individual. I work together with you,
your nutritional needs, your environment, and
lifestyle for the best health, healing, and wellness.

Michelle Quigley
Holistic Nutritionist, CNA, and Wellness Educator
call 302-545-1552

I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Science of Nutrition.
*8 years Nutritional training
*10 years experience in Nutritional and wellness plans
*Experience working with other Doctors, Nurses,
Chiropractors, Psychologist and other Nutritionists.